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Like you, we care deeply about the mobile food industry; and simply put, we believe we can achieve more through collaboration than competition. By bringing together mobile food professionals from various backgrounds we aim to create new opportunities to strengthen and grow the industry.

We are working to build a collective, unified voice for mobile food vendors – and we want you to be a part of our choir. 

Connect with the Field

As the mobile food industry becomes more fragmented and competitive, the Association provides an opportunity to bring together professionals from all levels and sectors of government, academia, business, nonprofits, and our industry. We are a member-driven organization with a key focus on opportunities that connect members who want to meet others in our field, get connected with new opportunities, leverage support and resources to grow their brands and help shape the future of the mobile food industry.

Recruit New Talent

With students, seasoned experts, and early-career professionals as members, the Oregon Mobile Food Vendor Association provides the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of talent. As an organization we are leveraging digital and social media to deeply engage all of our members and connect them with one another. Through your participation, you can help identify talent and dramatically expand your network of mobile food professionals.

Showcase Your Expertise

As the Oregon Mobile Food Vendor Association grows, we will be looking to our organizational members to participate in shaping our various areas of practice. These member-led focus areas are an opportunity to demonstrate your personal expertise, showcase your talents, and connect with new opportunities. In addition, organizational members will have the ability to promote selected events and activities through the our mailing list, publications, and promotions.

Once you are a member, you'll have access to inside information about the industry and new opportunities. 

Association Benefits:

  • Access to member forums and listserv for instant contact with other members

  • Opportunities to vend on Association-run lots/events/lunch spots

  • Unified voice to work towards more fair and equitable regulatory resolutions

  • Vendor resources

  • Management and Startup Support

  • Training and Seminars

  • Food Truck Industry Resources and Reviews

  • Insurance benefits and supports

  • Discounts with allied companies

  • And Much More...

Membership Requirement:

  • All vendors must be permitted with a health department in Oregon

  • All vendors must have a business license with a city or county in Oregon

  • All vendors must agree to abide by state, local, and county laws

  • All vendors must agree to abide by and uphold the Association bylaws and rules of conduct

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