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House Bill 2536

Don't let the delivery companies fool us again!

Oregon is considering legislation that could impact small business owners and our local economy.

Oregon state representatives need to hear from small business owners like you TODAY!


Oregon’s House Business and Labor Committee introduced a meaningful bill to help protect small business from predatory third-party delivery platform practices and ensure they act responsibly within Oregon.

A free and open marketplace can only remain free and open if businesses and consumers have the information needed to make informed decisions about where and how they spend their money. Currently, third-party delivery platforms aren't being transparent with their fees and costs. HB 2536 ensures they provide everyone with the information we need to make a decision that's best for our businesses and our wallets. 

Consumers have consistently shown that they will use delivery services in an effort to connect with their favorite restaurants but when asked, nearly 98% of consumers were not aware that the delivery companies were also charging the restaurants, in addition to the consumer fees, for these services. Of those surveyed, even the few who were aware had no idea it was at such high rates. 

Don't let the delivery companies fool us again! It's time to ensure we are all playing on a level playing field and that big business doesn't bring our restaurants to their knees when we are trying to rebuild. We shouldn't need legislation to get large corporations to play by the same rules, but these companies have shown us we can't trust them to play fair.

The Committee will vote on this regulation soon and needs to hear from you. Take action now to send a letter to Oregon state representatives and share why they should step in now to help ensure the security and viability of our small businesses. 

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