Two Food Carts Are Finally Making Portland Players in the Breakfast Taco Game

Portland is still a ways from rivaling Austin in terms of grab-and-go breakfast taco choices, but Matt's BBQ Tacos and La Osita represent considerable strides toward closing the gap.

By Pete Cottell | Published April 9, Updated April 9

Spend even a day in Austin, and you're guaranteed to encounter at least one person who won't shut the hell up about breakfast tacos.

They measure about halfway between a burrito and a traditional street taco, and their ubiquity in the Texas capital is downright alarming—you can get one everywhere from the dingiest coffee shops and food trucks to opulent Whole Foods locations that peddle them from hot boxes placed en route to the register. It's one of the few major food trends Portland has yet to successfully pilfer from our spiritual sister city, but a pair of recently opened food trucks aim to change that.


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