Mobile food’s expansion set to continue: Trends and insight report

Dec. 12, 2018 | by Elliot Maras

The mobile food industry, which has flourished, thanks to its unique ability to innovate menus and provide consumers a unique and convenient experience, will continue to grow at rapid pace in 2019, according to "Think Mobile, Act Local: The Future of Mobile Food in America," Off the Grid's first annual trend and insight report. Off the Grid is a San Francisco based mobile food platform best known for the 60 weekly mobile food markets it operates in California.

The free, 44-page report, based on a survey of mobile food operators and interviews with industry experts, summarized the factors contributing to the industry's growth since 2008 and noted that the food hall, where artisanal food vendors and retailers sell their wares side by side, has emerged as the most recent foodservice model.


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